Spruce up your room with a mini makeover! Create these colorful watercolor pillowcases that are sure to brighten up any room!

Here are the materials needed for this craft:

  • RoseArt Watercolors
  • RoseArt Paint Brushes
  • White Pillowcases
  • Textile Medium
  • Small containers for water
  • Trash bag (optional)

Supplies to create watercolor pillowcases

Start by placing the pillowcase onto a trash bag to keep your workspace nice and clean.

Begin to paint different colors onto your white pillowcases. You can choose to paint stronger, brighter colors, or keep the colors more muted. As you will notice, the more water you mix with the paints, the softer the color.

Watercolor paint and starting to paint the pillowcase

It might take a little trial and error to get your pillow exactly how you want them. You can always experiment on a swatch or an old pillowcase that you can throw away. Enjoy the creative process!


If you are planning on painting only one side of the pillowcase, be sure to add cardboard in the middle of the two layers so the colors do not bleed.

Once your watercolor pillowcases are how you want them, mix the textile medium and water and brush over the entire area. We mixed two parts water, and one part textile medium. The textile medium sets the color on the fabric and allows the colors to blend together.

Watercolor Pillowcase design

Allow the pillowcase to dry completely. You can hang outside to air dry or throw it in the dryer.

Insert the pillow inset, and there you have it! Your beautiful and colorful addition to your room!

Watercolor Pillowcase

*For decorative use only