Try this simple take on the classic game of X’s and O’s!

  • Use RoseArt Paint Markers to draw multiple tic-tac-toe boards (about 2 feet by 2 feet) on level pavement. Make sure to allow time for the paint to dry before starting your game.
  • Players designate a “throw” line and take turns trying to toss a stone into a square. If the stone lands in a square without touching any of the sides, that player gets to draw an “X” or “O” in that square.
  • If the player’s stone touches one of the sides of a square, the player doesn’t get to claim that square and it becomes the next player’s turn. Play continues until someone has three X’s or O’s in a row.
  • To create more of a challenge or to add more fun, move the “throw” line further away from the board, or draw several game boards with progressively smaller boxes.
  •  After each game is over, erase the markings with a rag and some water (don’t touch the outlines of the boxes) and continue playing on a fresh board while it dries.

Tic-Tac-Throw with Sidewalk Chalk Paint Jumbo Markers