Revolutionize string art crafting with the NEW Stringtacular from RoseArt! Stringtacular allows you to use a variety of design sheets to create free standing, 3D string sculptures.

It’s another great gift idea this holiday season!


We are so excited to share this product with you and show you exactly how it works. Check out the easy step-by-step instructions below!

Start by setting up your peg board. Choose your favorite design and place it in the tray with the peg board on top.



Match the color of the pegs with the design, and pop the pegs into the board.


Grab the suggested string color and attach to the spool. Snap the spool into the String Pen with a string flowing underneath.


Slide the string through the string pen through the tip, then close the tension door.


Now, let’s start stringing our design! Tuck the end of the string into the peg board where it says ‘start’. Follow the design sheet layout and secure the string by wrapping it twice around each peg.


Once you have made it all around the shape design, reverse the string direction and twist the opposite way around each peg until you get to the beginning of the design.

Fill in your design by wrapping  the string around each peg in the shaded areas.


Once your design is complete, use your peg tool to push the wrapped string to the top of each peg.


Take your spray bottle and spray all areas of the design, making sure to coat all of the string.


Wait 2-3 hours for the string to dry and harden.

Reveal your 3D string sculpture by using the Peg Tool to separate the string from the peg board.



And there you have it, your own 3D String Sculpture! Hang it, display it or give as a gift to your friends! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!