The holiday season is almost here! Did you know that you can use your Stringtacular Art to create festive ornaments? All you need is your Stringtacular 3D Art and Ribbon – it’s that simple! Let’s get started!

Create your Stringtacular art by following the instructions.

Once the Stringtacular art is completed and dry, thread your ribbon through the top and tie it into a knot.

It’s that simple! You can add your Stringtacular Ornament to your Christmas tree or other decorations around the house.

For extra credit, you can add the Stringtacular to a wood slice to create your ornament.

Simply tap small nails into the wood slice around the perimeter of the Stringtacular art, and then screw a small eye hook into the top.

Add a ribbon to your Stringtacular Ornament.

This is a great gift idea, or another decorative addition to your tree! Happy decorating!