Hours of fun await with Shrink A Doodle! Shrink A Doodle is a magical activity that lets you color in a fun drawing, and then shrink it down! There are over 50 cool icons for creating jewelry, accents and more. Unleash your creativity and your shrinking powers today!

To start, gather the Shrink A Doodle art kit.

Then, choose your favorite design and place the Shrink A Doodle sheet over the design with the rough side on top. Carefully trace the design and color with your colored pencils. Be sure to color on the rough side of the Shrink A Doodle sheet.

Cut your design about ¼ inch around the design. As you cut around the edges, be sure to make the edges smooth around the design.

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees.

Once the oven is warm, place the artwork on a nonstick cookie sheet with the colored side on top.

And now you can watch your artwork shrink before your eyes! Shrinking time varies, but generally takes 1-5 minutes. You will notice the design curl and then flatten. Once this happens bake an additional 30 seconds and then remove. Watch carefully to see when your Shrink A Doodle is complete!

Let the Shrink A Doodle cool for 3 minutes before touching. Create different designs to share with friends and family. Enjoy, and happy shrinking!