Are you ready for a new roaring activity from RoseArt?

The new Roto-Motion Mixer Dino Lab is prehistoric fun that allows you to cast your own dinosaur figurines in less than 15 minutes – from start to finish! You can cast six different dinosaurs and customize them with Dino Paints and Aging Washes.

It’s another great gift idea this holiday season!

We are so excited to show you exactly how it works – and just how easy it is! Let’s get to work!

Start by assembling the Roto-Motion Mixer Machine.

Insert the post into the base, and then attach the crank handle into the backside of the post.

Roto-Motion Mixer Dino Lab spinner

Roto-Motion Mixer Dino Lab

Pick a Dino Mold and lock into the machine.

Roto-Motion Mixer Dino Lab with mold

Mix water with the Fast Cast Powder bag and stir until the mixture is a soap like consistency. Pour the mixture into the Dino Mold until it reaches the fill line and tap to remove any air bubbles.

Pouring the mix into the mold

We recommend placing a small paper towel square over the mold opening before closing to limit leakage.  

After snapping the lid shut, spit it continuously for 2 minutes and watch the dinosaur come to life!

Spinning the Roto-Motion Mixer Dino Lab

Remove the Dino Mold and set aside for 15 minutes.

Once the mold is dry, open the Mold Locks and release the dinosaur.

Roto-Motion Mixer Dino Lab mold

Roto-Motion Mixer Dino Lab Cast Dino

Now the fun begins! You can customize the dinosaurs with four dino paints and two aging washes. You can make them as intricate or simple as you’d like!

Paint the Cast Dino

The paintbrush allows you to apply fine details on the dinosaur, truly making your creation on-of-a-kind! The aging washes give the prehistoric look!

Final touches on two dinos with Dino Paint and Aging Wash

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Happy creating!