We all know how much everyone loves gel pens. That’s why Ultimate Artist found the only way to improve on them—conveniently serving them up in a ready-to-go portfolio. Take the full spectrum of brilliant hues and neon colors in with you wherever you go, so you’re never without your tools for creativity. Doodle the day away with the super cute pre-printed doodle sheets. Use your imagination and design a hot air balloon or birthday cake! The Ultimate Artist Gel Pen Portfolio even stores all your paper sheets and gel pens inside for repeated use. Just pick up the portfolio and go!

Key Features:

  • An easy to carry portfolio to take wherever you go
  • Storage for 8 neon gel pens and 40 pre-printed doodle sheets
  • Includes 8 neon gel pens and 40 coloring sheets for drawing and doodling
  • Long-lasting and high-quality
  • Great for home, school or office
  • Certified non-toxic