Coloring is all the rage! Great for building focus, alleviating stress, and all-out creative fun! This book features 40 8”x10″” coloring pages in four fabulous mixed media pages to suit the changing moods of the creative soul: foil, translucent, fuzzy, artist paper. Mix and match writing tools with each paper type to create new and exciting coloring experiences—colored pencils, supertip markers and gel pens all work wonders on these pages!

The designs are sure to please—varying from sophisticated and stylish to whimsical and bohemian chic. So break our your markers, gel pens and colored pencils, the Ultimate Artist Coloring Book is here to save the day!

Key Features:

  • A great collection of coloring designs to choose from
  • 40 8”x10” coloring pages
  • Four mixed media papers: foil, translucent, fuzzy, artist paper
  • Fun for everyone
  • Great for home, school or office