Have you heard about the new Graphic Skinz Design Studio from RoseArt?

It’s our latest product invention that allows kids to create custom, one of a kind designs in our Graphic Skinz Design Studio! It features a super suction, motorized vacuum chamber that applies full-color graphics to pretty much any object that fits inside the chamber.

This product lets you customize your own items and create personalized gifts for teachers, friends and family in your own unique style. Another great gift idea for the holidays!

We are so excited to share this amazing new toy with you, and show you just how it works!

So, we thought we’d take a few minutes to try it, shall we?

The Graphic Skinz Design Studio has three customizable models you can try, including a Seahorse, Butterfly and Jewelry Box. It also includes the Vacuum Chamber and 30 different Graphic Skinz transfers. Everything you need to get started!

Start by assembling the Motorized Vacuum Chamber.  It needs 4 AA batteries which are NOT included. The set up is so easy; it only takes a few minutes to get started!

From there, choose your favorite Skinz designs to decorate the items in the packaging. There are so many cool designs to choose from (30 in total), and it’s fun to mix and match them once you learn how!

You might be wondering why the Skinz transfer colors are muted. There is a good reason for that! There is a coating on the Skinz that allows them to be layered on top of each other so you can Skinz your objects again and again. You can always check out the Graphic Skinz website or the packaging to see the brightness of the Skinz designs once they are applied.

Now we are ready for the magic to happen!

Carefully cut the white border off each of the Skinz and remove the clear protective plastic cover.

Select the model part to decorate, place it face down on the Skinz, and cut around the model. Be sure to leave enough of the border to wrap around the edge.

Fill a bowl with cold water and soak the sponge. Wring out any excess water so it is not dripping wet, just damp.

Place the model part into the damp sponge and cover it completely.

Place in the vacuum chamber, close the lid, and activate for 20 seconds or until the bag is suctioned tightly around the sponge.

Wait about 10 more seconds, and then open the lid. Voila! You have your first Skinz item! You’ll notice the Skin is much brighter than when you started.

Continue this process for all of the model parts, and then follow the easy instructions in the box to assemble!

When skinning the different pieces, I was able to put two of the smaller pieces in the sponge at one time. It helped to speed up the process! Also, when there were air bubbles or the Skin didn’t come off easily, I used extra amounts of water as well as the Sponge Detailer to help smooth the surface. It worked really well!

In addition to the jewelry box, use your Graphic Skinz to create a custom butterfly and seahorse using any combination of Skinz you choose!

Enjoy your new Graphic Skinz. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! You can share photos of all your custom creations on our community page at www.graphicskinz.com.