Have you heard about the new Fashion Flower Creations from RoseArt?

It’s our latest craft activity that allows kids to create customized flowers, bracelets and other fun jewelry! Wear them, display them, or give them as a gift. It features a Press-Cut Machine, Plate Holder, Design Plate Sets, and Design Sheets to create your one-of-a-kind flowers!

We are excited to show you how it works, so let’s get started!

The Press-Cut Flower Maker includes stems, bracelets, and rings with 24 different design sheets.

To begin, place the Press-Cut Machine on a flat surface and gently press down to secure section cups onto the surface.

You will notice, the Design Plate Sets consists of two halves. Each Design Plate is clearly marked with A, B, or C (letter is located on the back and the top of each plate). Be sure to pair the letters together before designing.

Choose a Design Plate Set, and place it in the Plate Holder. Press the Plate Set down and make sure the holes line up.

Now, choose a design sheet and place it on one side of the design plate facing out.

Close the plate holder and insert it into the Press-Cut Machine by matching up the arrows.

Turn the handle clockwise to move the plate through the machine. Once the plate is through, remove and check to see that the teeth of the Design Plate cut through the paper with a perforated outline of the flower petals. (Helpful Hint: If it is not fully perforated, run it back through the machine again.)

Now, gently punch out the petals from the paper. Continue this process until you have enough flowers to design your Fashion Flower Creation!

To assemble the flower, select a stem and attach a stem plug to it. Layer the cut flower shapes onto the stem plug. For a finishing touch, select a gem and press down to create your beautiful, customized flower!

You can make a beautiful bouquet of flowers, or follow the same instructions to create a custom bracelet and ring!

Enjoy your new Fashion Flower Creations. Feel free to share them on our Facebook page or on Instagram and tag @RoseArtFun!