Below is a step-by-step guide on how to make a farmer pumpkin color blank.  You don’t want to miss out on this inspiring way to create with Color Blanks!

Step 1 – Know the Tools

Here’s what you’ll need: 

– The Color Blanks markers (or other permanent markers)

– A #2 pencil

– A utility knife (Please be aware these are EXTREMELY sharp and only for adult use)

– A few paint brushes

– 2 toilet paper tubes

– Some plastic flowers

– A few pipe cleaners

– A small plastic cup

– Acrylic paints

– A hot glue gun and glue sticks

– Fake grass/hay

– Aluminum foil

– Scissors

Step 3 – Take apart the figurine

I pulled the head off so there are 2 pieces to work on. It also makes it easier to paint the head without disturbing the body or vice versa. Be careful removing the head, being rough may damage the inner ring that holds the head, making it not stay on as tightly as it did in the beginning.

Step 4 – Sketch & Outline

Use a pencil to sketch in your farmer’s clothes. This makes it easier to know what goes where. Then, go over the pencil with marker. (Note: acrylic paint does paint over the black marker with a couple of coats; but, if you use a marker closer to your color scheme it will require less passes with paint).

Step 5 – Paint! Paint! Paint!

Now, we use acrylic paint. Please do note that it will need a few coats and drying time depends upon how much paint is actually applied. If you desire to speed up drying time, you can place pieces in front of a fan or use a low setting on a hairdryer with no heat. Usually we do a couple of coats the first coat being super thin, like a primer. The first coat will look horrible but stick to it and the end result will be phenomenal. I put a small hole in the side of our Farmer ‘Kin. This can be done by heating a thick needle over a flame and sliding it through. As always use precaution.

Step 6 –  Create A Home for Your Farmer

At this point, I noticed that the piece started looking too “Halloween-like” so I decided to up the ante and punch up the look for the Fall season. I made a small fence using popsicle sticks and a glue gun. The fence pieces I scored with a knife and bent them so they snap and then glued accordingly. I left the fence unpainted to give it a more rustic look.

I then gathered a couple of plastic flowers I had lying around and some pipe cleaners and made corn stalks. I made one by twisting the yellow pipe cleaner and gluing it inside the bulb after removing the “petals”. With the platic cup, I wrapped it in foil and filled it with hot glue. BE CAREFUL as the glue will be HOT and can burn you. If you wish to speed up the glue hardening process, I usually stick it in the freezer for 5 minutes. I also took a pin wheel that held colored pins bought for sewing and used this to make a giant sunflower.  You can create your own favorite farmer props as well!

Step 7 –  Make bales of hay as props

I had a WONDERFUL idea for hay bales using dead grass and toilet paper tubes. I painted the toilet paper tubes yellow and made streaks using a brown Color Blank marker. Then, I put glue on the inside of the roll and stuffed the grass through it. And finally, I trimmed it with scissors until it looked good.


Step 8 –  Assemble Pieces!

Assemble to your heart’s content. I glued the corn stalks and sunflower but left the pail and bales unglued (so that visitors can instinctively pick up the various pieces to really see them). 

Step 10 –  Farmer Puhm ‘Kin!

Now my farmer pumpkin and environment is complete! I photographed my Fall Piece “Farmer Puhm ‘Kin and I played with the image in Photoshop. I hope that your Color Blank comes out even better. Happy Blanking!

Author Credits:  Activity created by artists Michael Winter Reighn and Michael Hudson Reighn for RoseArt.  Check out other designs and unique Color Blanks by Michael Reighn at his website