Happy Halloween everyone! Even if you’re not one for excessive Halloween decorations, you just may fall in love with this quick and easy pumpkin decorating activity that your kids will love! It’s a perfect way to quickly get your house Halloween ready without the mess of pumpkin carving. Take a look and try it out!

You only need a few items for this activity – a pumpkin, RoseArt crayons, a RoseArt hot glue gun, and a blow dryer.

Start by heating up your hot glue gun (you can also use tacky glue if that works better for you). Use the glue to attach the crayons to the top of the pumpkin. We used all black crayons for the first pumpkin and a variety of green crayons for the second. You can choose any pattern of colors you like! It will look great!

Once the crayons are glued onto the pumpkin, take your blow dryer and place it 4-5 inches from the top and turn it on HIGH! We recommend placing a garbage bag under the pumpkin as the crayon wax may spray onto the surface. It may get a little messy, but the garbage bag will help!

After 5-8 minutes, the crayons should be melted and you have just completed your decorative pumpkin! Enjoy!

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