Grab your RoseArt Sidewalk Chalk to make these colorful holiday sidewalk chalk lights. It’s a fun new way to use chalk!

Here are the supplies needed for this craft:

  • RoseArt Sidewalk Chalk
  • USA Gold #2 Pencil
  • Silver Write Dudes Infinity Marker
  • Card stock
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Cotton Balls

Materials for creating sidewalk chalk lights

Start by creating a stencil of a light bulb. Take your cardstock paper and fold it in half.  Draw half of a light bulb down the center of the fold and cut out the shape.

Draw half of a lightbulb on a folder pieces of stock cardboard

scissors and cardboard cutout of lightbulb

Take your Silver Write Dudes Infinity Marker and draw a string across the black construction paper.

A silver string drawn across black construction paper with an Infinity Marker

Place your stencil on top of the string and outline the light bulb with the Sidewalk Chalk. *Be sure to leave a little room between the stencil and the string.

Trace around the bulb with sidewalk chalk paint

While the stencil is still down use a cotton ball to brush the chalk away. Repeat with different Sidewalk Chalk colors.

brush away the chalk on the edge of the bulb to make the sidewalk chalk light shine

An example of a sidewalk chalk light

Four different colored sidewalk chalk lights

To finish, take your silver marker and draw a squiggly base for each light bulb. Now you can add your new sidewalk chalk lights artwork to your holiday decorations! Happy Holidays!

The finished sidewalk chalk lights product. Happy Holidays!