This fall, save a few leaves to create this simple and creative Fox Leaf craft. It’s perfect for the entire family to enjoy. Check out the easy steps below!

Start by gathering your materials:

  • RoseArt Poster Paints
  • RoseArt Paint Brushes
  • RoseArt School Glue
  • Black Broadline Marker
  • Construction Paper
  • Pom Poms
  • Leaves
  • Scissors


Take your leaves and cut the stems.


Flip each leaf upside down and begin to paint on the back. In keeping with the fall theme, we chose fall colors such as brown, orange and yellow.


While the paint is drying, take a piece of white construction paper and cut two small circles for each leaf. Use your black Broadline Marker to add eyes to the circles.


Once dry, glue the eyes at the top and a pom pom at the bottom of the leaf. Now your fox is coming to life!


Cut and glue two small triangles to the top of the leaf to represent the fox’s ears.


When you are done, add the leaves to a piece of construction paper. Now your fox leaves are complete! You can continue with different colors and sizes. Happy Fall, and happy crafting!