Let your creativity shine with RoseArt’s My First Clay Creations! Kids and families can enjoy hours of clay creating fun!

My First Clay Creations comes in a variety of 10 vibrant colors, along with 6 cookie cutters, a roller tube, printed play mat and modeling tool. Everything you need to create adorable animals, figurines, and more!

To welcome in the spring weather, we created two clay creations – a sun and a butterfly. Check out these easy step by step instructions to bring it to life!

Gather the red, purple, orange, and yellow clay, as well as the circle, triangle, and half circle cookie cutters.

Starting with the sun, cut a small piece of the yellow and orange clay. Roll the clay, and then begin to shape it with your hands and the roller tube. Place the clay on the printed play mat for no mess!

Once you have the thickness you desire, press the circle cookie cutter into the yellow clay.

Create the rays of the run by cutting out small yellow and orange triangles. Combine the sun and rays together to create your beautiful and vibrant sun.

For the butterfly, roll and shape the red clay with your roller tube. Cut two pieces of the half circles, and then roll a thin piece of purple clay.

Combine the half circles with the ‘antennae’, and see your butterfly come to life!

Use your imagination to create different shapes and figurines. My First Clay Creations provides hours of fun and entertainment for the entire family. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!