Bring a little sparkle and shine to your summer with Dazzling Designs! This RoseArt Classic Craft allows you to create three different sequin designs that you can proudly showcase to your family!

Follow these easy steps to bring your Dazzling Design to life!

First, choose the design you would like to create, and reference the color key when adding the sequins.

Color Key:

1 – Silver

2 – Blue

3 – Yellow

4 – Green

5 – Pink

6 – Purple

Place your sequins on a little bowl or plate to make it easy for you!


Next, squeeze a tiny drop of glue onto the circles on the design. Using your plastic tool, grab a sequin and place it on the design card.

We recommend working in small sections to avoid smearing glue.

Continue until all the sequins are placed on the design. It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?

While you let the sequins dry, take the stand out of the card and fold down the middle.

Insert the card into the slots and display your Dazzling Design proudly!

This can be a beautiful addition to a room or gift. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!