Enjoy your summer with one of RoseArt’s Classic Crafts, the Hedgehog and Owl Critter Craft! Whether you are enjoying the sun or spending the day inside, you will have so much fun creating and playing with Critter Crafts!

Follow these easy steps to bring this to life.

First, choose which Critter Craft you would like to design. We chose to tackle the hedgehog!

Start by gluing together the ends of the green paper strip. Then, fold the ends of the blue hedgehog feet and glue to the sides of the green paper.

Next, glue the two foam shapes together. Allow the glue to dry entirely before moving on.

Now, take the large purple circle pattern and apply glue to one edge of the center cut and fold into a cone. Glue to one side of the ball.

Now for the spikes! Punch out the purple and yellow spikes from the paper. Follow the row guide when putting the spikes on the hedgehog:

Row 1: 12 Purple Spikes

Row 2: 12 Yellow Spikes

Row 3: 12 Purple Spikes

Row 4: 6 Yellow Spikes

For row 1, glue a row of 12 purple spikes around the entire ball, covering the edge of the purple cone.

Continue to layer the row based on the row guide. Once all spikes are on glued, the hedgehog will be fully covered.

Now for the face! Take the blue circle and apply glue to one edge of the center cut and fold into a cone. For the nose, do the same thing with the black circle. Fold the blue ears in half and glue to either side of the face. Finally, glue the googly eyes to the face.

Glue the face to hedgehog. Now it’s coming together! Place the hedgehog on the stand and display!

Enjoy the sunshine with your new hedgehog and owl Critter Craft! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!