Need a fun gift idea this holiday season? Look no further! This holiday season take creativity to a whole new level with Color KaBoom Airbrush! This battery operated Airbrush studio allows you to create custom designs right before your eyes!

The Color KaBoom Airbrush is so easy to use; simply assemble the airbrush machine to get started.

Color KaBoom Airbrush machine

Place the KaBoom sticks within the Carousel Base with the caps facing down.

Color KaBoom Airbrush

Now let’s Airbrush!

Select paper and stencil to start your design. Insert a KaBoom stick into the airbrush nozzle and turn the switch to the ON position.

*Be sure not to insert the KaBoom stick too far into the airbrush. If it goes in too far, the color will foam and will not spread evenly on the surface. If this happens, gently pull the stick back so just the edge of the tip is exposed. The color should spread evenly on the surface without any buildup. 

Color KaBoom Airbrush with paper and stencil

Hold the stencil and gently press the red nozzle on the airbrush. Watch the color develop in front of your eyes! As you will see, the closer you hold the airbrush to the paper, the more saturated the colors become!

Color KaBoom Airbrush stencils

The KaBoom Airbrush studio includes 3 stencil sheets and 2 punch out sheets for endless fun! You can layer colors, create graphics and patterns and add highlights and details.

Color KaBoom Airbrush artwork

Glasses decorated with Color KaBoom Airbrush

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!