Box Out is a game that is simple enough for younger children and can also challenge older kids as they learn to use strategy to win.

  • Use RoseArt Paint Markers or RoseArt Shake ‘N’ Roll to draw a large square (about 10 feet x 10 feet. ) Divide the square into a grid 10 spaces wide x 10 spaces deep.  You can make the initial large square smaller, but the grid spaces need to be big enough for kids to stand inside them.  Make sure to allow time for the paint to dry before starting your box out game.
  • Give each player a piece of chalk and assign them a corner to start.  The first player will move to a connecting square and then use a RoseArt Paint Marker or RoseArt Shake ‘N’ Roll to cross out the square that they came from with their color chalk.
  • Players take turns moving from one square to the next crossing out boxes as they go.  After a box is crossed out, no one can step in that box again for the entire game.
  • If a player is stuck and cannot move they must forfeit their turn.
  • The winner is the player who can move last after all the players are “stuck”.
  • Use the same grid over and over by using an X to cross out the squares for the first round, an O for the second round and color in the square for the third box out game.

Box Out Game with Sidewalk Chalk Paint Jumbo Markers