Your little ones will be starting school very soon, so get them excited with this Back to School Bus Craft! This is an interactive craft, and will get them in the school spirit!

Here are the supplies needed:

  • RoseArt Paints
  • RoseArt Paint Brushes
  • RoseArt Broadline Markers or Crayons
  • RoseArt Glue Sticks
  • RoseArt Glue Gun
  • ½ Gallon Milk Carton
  • 4 Bottle Caps
  • White and Black Construction Paper
  • Foam Letter Stickers

Start to create your School Bus by painting your milk carton yellow with your RoseArt Paints. I used a combination of the Poster Paints and Tempera Paints, putting on 2 coats to cover the carton completely. Allow time to dry.

While the ‘bus’ is drying, take your white construction paper and cut out two strips. Draw two lines to represent the windows on the bus and draw a child in each window. The kids will have fun with this part!

Once completed, glue the windows on each side of the bus using your RoseArt Glue Stick.

Next, take your white construction paper and cut out a circle that is large enough to cover the opening of the carton. Decorate with the face of the bus driver. Glue the circle to the front of the carton.

Then, cut and glue a thin strip of the black construction paper under the windows. Attach the foam stickers to each side spelling out the word SCHOOL. If your child wants, they can spell out their name or their bus number. Let them be creative!

Add ‘tires’ to your school bus by gluing your bottle caps onto the bottom of the carton. I used my RoseArt Hot Glue Gun to make sure the caps are secure. As a finishing touch, you can cut out black circles and add to the front to act as headlights.

I hope this craft gets you back in the school spirit!