Here is another great project that will allow your inner artist come through using your RoseArt supplies! All you need for this craft are a few items:

  • RoseArt Washable Watercolors
  • RoseArt Paint Brushes
  • RoseArt School Glue
  • Salt
  • Card stock paper*

*For your paper, choose a fun bright color that will enhance your artwork!

To start, create a fun design on your construction paper using your RoseArt School Glue.

Next, add salt to the glue design. Shake off the excess salt when completed. As you can tell, this project can get a little messy. You can place newspaper or foil under the construction paper to keep your surface clean!

Now it’s time to add some color to your design! Wet your RoseArt Paint Brushes and Watercolor Paints, and then add the liquid watercolor paints to the salt. From there, watch the paint travel along the lines of the salt!

Use several different colors and see your artwork come to life!