Do you plan on entertaining this Easter? Create your own tie-dye napkins with this fun DIY project using your Write Dudes Infinity Markers!

Please note that this craft activity requires adult supervision and guidance.

Here are the supplies you need for this craft:

  • Write Dudes Infinity Markers
  • White Napkins
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Rubber Bands
  • Tea Light Jar
  • Plastic Straw or Dropper

To start, take your napkin and decide where you want to tie-dye your design. We decided to start at the bottom, but you can choose what works best for you! Once you find where you want the design, secure the tea light jar on the napkin with a rubber band.

Take your Infinity Markers and draw a small tie-dye design. Our design was a small starburst in the center with different color rays around the outside. (Remember: when choosing a design, think of colors that will complement your Easter decorations!)

Tip: Before creating your design, you may want to test out your design on a paper towel or other material.

Now, dip your straw in rubbing alcohol and gently place drops onto the center of the design. Watch as the rubbing alcohol spreads and blends the colors together creating a tie-dye effect.

You will see that the more drops you place on the design, the wider the dye will spread. It’s fun to mix up the size and colors of the designs. Have fun with it!

Remove the rubber band from the napkin and allow the design to dry. Repeat with several designs until you are pleased with the results!

Now your tie-dye napkin is complete!  You can place as a napkin on the Easter table, or in a breadbasket. Have a Happy Easter!

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