Thanksgiving is a not only a time to bring family and friends together, but it is also a time to reflect on the many gifts we have in our life. Try this great Thanksgiving activity that will help us do just that – give thanks. It’s also a great craft to try with your entire family, no matter what age!

Start by gathering all of the items for this craft:

–          RoseArt Broadline Markers

–          RoseArt Glue Stick

–          Construction paper – Brown, Red, Yellow, Green and Orange

–          Scissors

–          Poster Board

Start by tracing the hands of your family members on the red, yellow, green and orange construction paper.  Make sure you cut out at least 6-8 hands for your tree.

Using your RoseArt Broadline Markers, have each member of your family write one thing they are thankful for on each hand.

With the brown construction paper, begin to build the base of your tree by tracing your hand and arm to represent the branches and trunk of the tree. Use the RoseArt Glue Stick to glue the base of the tree to your poster board.

Then, adhere the hands to the tree using the glue stick, representing the leaves.

Now you have your Thanksgiving Tree masterpiece! If you are a collector like me, add the date and year to the bottom. Display until Thanksgiving to remind you and your family of all the blessings you all have in your life. Enjoy!