Get ready for the big game with this entertaining Super Bowl Craft! No matter which team you are rooting for, this craft will get you in game day mode!

Here are the supplies needed for this craft:

  • RoseArt Broadline Markers
  • RoseArt School Glue or RoseArt Hot Glue Gun
  • Two Pieces of Brown Construction Paper
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Shredded Green Paper
  • Two Plastic Storage Containers
  • Packaging Tape

Start by collecting your popsicle sticks and glue together to form two goal posts. You will use four popsicle sticks per goal post, so make sure you have enough.

Now, decorate the goal posts with your RoseArt Broadline Markers. I wanted to be festive and decorated with the colors of the teams that are playing in the Super Bowl.

In order to play this entertaining game, you will need two paper footballs. Remember creating those when you were a child? Your kids can probably do it in their sleep! Fold your construction paper into two small paper footballs and decorate with your RoseArt Broadline markers.

Now, tape the goal posts to the back of the storage containers and fill with the shredded green paper.

Now it’s time to play our Super Bowl Craft Game! The object of the game is to shoot your paper football through the up rights for a field goal or shoot into the grass for a touchdown. The rules can be as simple or complex as you’d like. My family likes to award 3 points for a field goal and 7 points for a touchdown, just like the big game!  Happy Super Bowl!