Give a beautiful handmade spring bouquet of flowers to a special someone! This craft is especially perfect for little ones and simple to create. Let’s give it a go!

You only need a few items to get started:

  • RoseArt Broadline Markers
  • RoseArt Glue Stick
  • Multiple Colors of Construction Paper
  • Scissors

Art supplies to create a handmade spring bouquet

Take a green piece of paper and fold it vertically like an accordion.

Start with green paper for the leaves

Once completed, fold it in half and glue the ends together with your RoseArt Glue Stick. Your ‘fan’ is now the base for your bouquet.

Glue the ends of your folded green paper together with a Glue Stick

photo 4

Use the remaining pieces of construction paper to create spring flowers for your bouquet. Trace and cut out different flower shapes. Accent the flowers with your RoseArt Broadline Markers.

Draw stencils for cutting out your flowers from different colored paper

Draw your flowers on paper for sticking on

Once you have your flower cut outs, glue them onto the green bouquet base. We glued the flowers into the folds so they stayed on.

A beautiful handmade spring bouquet with glue stick to show scale

Now you have your beautiful Flower Bouquet! This is a perfect craft for a little one, and a perfect gift for a special someone. Happy crafting!

Beautiful handmade spring bouquets