Who would have thought that paper towels can become a work of art? Try this activity transforming a simple white paper towel into a rainbow of colors!

Not only is this a great indoor activity this winter, but it is also a great way to educate young ones about color blending to create new colors entirely!

Here are the supplies needed for this craft:

  • RoseArt Broadline Markers
  • RoseArt Paint Brushes
  • Paper towels
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Water

Start by coloring your paper towels with your Broadline Markers. Be sure to fill the entire white space with different colors. I tried to place colors together that I thought would blend nicely.

Once completed, place the paper towel on a hard surface, such as a cookie sheet, or something that will not absorb the colors.

Now, take your RoseArt Paint Brush, dip in water, and gently ‘paint’ on the paper towel. Make sure there is water all over, then watch as the colors absorb and blend into one another.

You can explain to your kids that the colors blend into one another as the paper towel absorbs the water. When the colors blend, you can show them that a new color is created! For instance, the yellow and blue colors create green, the red and blue colors create purple, etc. The process can be quite mesmerizing and fun to watch!

Allow the paper towels to dry completely. And voila! Here is your tie-dye paper towel art!

Once you are done, you can hang your art in the window to catch the light, similar to a stained glass window. Or, you can make a butterfly by gathering the middle of the paper towel with a pipe cleaner or clothespin! Enjoy!