If you’re anything like us, you can’t resist drawing a few of your own frescos when your kids break open a pack of sidewalk chalk. Recently we challenged our fans to show us what they can do with sidewalk chalk, and naturally we received some really fun and creative examples. We hope these will inspire you to get outside with your kids as the weather starts to warm up. Who knows, maybe your kids will even let you borrow a piece or two!

RoseArt Surprise Inside! Sidewalk Chalk comes in 5 fun theme packs. And inside each pack, kids will rejoice when they break their chalk and discover the hidden treasure inside. These products make great party favors or summer kick-off treats.

This reader set sail on the SS RoseArt and their ambitious sketch makes us want to cruise the seven seas and start our summer vacation now. What a fun memory for this little pirate to have spent a day helping mom or dad create this fun piece of sidewalk art!

Sometimes simple things like chalking the steps leading up to your doorway can brighten up your curb appeal. It doesn’t hurt to have this cutie atop the steps welcoming summer guests!

Someone’s counting down the days until the arrival of Despicable Me 2! You might have to wait until July to see these minions on the screen, but you can see them on your sidewalk or driveway now with Surprise Inside! Sidewalk Chalk!

Great idea for a spring and summer photo series! Chalk out the name of each month and take pictures of your kids lying down in front of the month. Use these “photos of the month” in your summer slideshow or scrapbook.

Good thing humpty dumpty is safe in this chalk drawing. No falling off walls here. This artist even shows you how to create a mural like this with a technique she calls chalk painting. Read how in this post: http://ow.ly/klE8s

These boys and their mom transported our Surprise Inside! Sidewalk Chalk to their trampoline. They created a clever game by drawing different colored shapes with a starting circle in the middle. They used the hidden treasure from inside the chalk as the ball in this game. The object was to jump until the collectible landed into whichever color or shape mom calls out.

So, stock up on RoseArt Suprise Inside Sidewalk Chalk for some wholesome and creative outdoor fun. This multi-piece product is an affordable addition to your summer supplies. Kids will keep playing with this chalk until they reach the surprise inside, making it the chalk that keeps on giving!