Does your child have big dreams of winning an Oscar one day? Let your child’s imagination run wild this award season with these Hollywood Stars!

Here are the supplies needed for this craft:

  • Gold RoseArt Glitter Glue
  • RoseArt Paintbrushes
  • RoseArt Glue Stick
  • Write Dudes Infinity Gold Metallic Marker
  • Construction Paper in Pink, Yellow and Black
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Paper Plate
  • White Tempera Paint

Start by drawing and cutting out a star from the pink construction paper. Use your ruler to keep the lines precise!

Glue the star to the black construction paper with your RoseArt Glue Stick.

Spruce up the star by writing your child’s name and tracing the outline of the star with your Infinity Marker. Add more pizazz with an extra layer of RoseArt Glitter Glue.

Cut and glue a small yellow circle onto the center of the star. You can add a fun detail to the center of the circle, similar to the Hollywood Stars you see in the Walk of Fame!

As you know, the star isn’t complete without handprints! Place the white tempera paint onto the paper plate and stamp your child’s hand in the paint. Use your RoseArt Paintbrush to paint the tempera onto your hand if need be. Press handprints on both ends of the star.

For a finishing touch, add the date to the bottom. Now your Hollywood Star is complete!