December is here and the holiday season is in full swing! Here is a fun and festive craft you can try with the kids. It will also make for a great gift idea for friends and family!

Here is what you will need:

  • White construction paper
  • Black RoseArt Broadline Marker
  • RoseArt Water Colors (feel free to use RoseArt Washable Poster Paints if you have that instead!)

Take your Black RoseArt Marker and draw a diagonal string on your paper.

Using your RoseArt Water Colors, stamp your child’s thumbprint (or yours!) along the string and allow to dry approximately 10-15 minutes.

Place the thumbprints a half inch away from the string. Be sure to use lots of different colors!

To finish, take your RoseArt Marker and draw a squiggly base for each light bulb. Be sure to add the date on the bottom as a keepsake!


I placed the artwork in a simple black frame as a gift idea. One gift down, many to go! Happy Holiday Season!