Do you love RoseArt’s Color Blanks? Just in time for the holidays, we’ve asked fine artist Michael Reighn to create a one-of-a-kind holiday Color Blank!  Below is a step-by-step guide showing you how to create a Cool Peppermint Color Blank!

Step 1 – Know the Tools

In order to create a Peppermine Soldier, here is what you will need:

– RoseArt Color Blanks Markers or other permanent markers in holiday colors

– USA Gold #2 Pencils

– A few RoseArt paintbrushes

– A RoseArt glue gun

– Some toilet paper tubes

– Acrylic paints in desired colors

Step 2 – Choose your Color Blank

For this project, we decided the “Frank” Color Black would work best.

Step 3 – Take apart the figurine and Outline your design

Next, pull the head off to allow easier access for painting. Be careful when removing the head. Being rough with the firgurine can cause damage to the inner ring that holds the head. Using your #2 pencil, mark a light outline of your soldiers features. This makes it easier to know what goes where. After you complete your pencil design, trace over it with marker. We used a color scheme that matched with the holidays. (TIP: Acrylic paint does paint over the black with a couple of coats; but if you use a marker closer to your color scheme it will require less passes with paint).

Step 4 – Paint, Paint, Paint!!

This is the kid’s FAVORITE part – using your acrylic paints to paint your Peppermint Soldier. Get creative!

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to paint a few coats and drying time depends upon how much paint is actually applied. If you desire to speed up drying time, you can place pieces in front of a fan or use a low setting on a hairdryer with no heat. 

Step 5 –  Add Accessories

We wanted to make our Peppermint Soldier guard the candy canes. So, we took 2 toilet paper rolls and painted them white and added a small red pipe cleaner along the the lines for some flair. You can add any accessories you like!

Step 6 –  Assemble Pieces and Display!  Make it a tree ornament or wrap it up as a gift!

Unblank your Color Blanks and post them to the RoseArt community page here!

Author Credits:  Activity created by artists Michael Winter Reighn and Michael Hudson Reighn for RoseArt.  Check out other designs and unique Color Blanks by Michael Reighn at his website