One of my favorite days of summer is the Fourth of July. The BBQs and family gatherings make it so enjoyable, not to mention the fireworks! Here is a quick and easy craft to create your very own fireworks – only these ones are a lot less noisy!

You only need five items for this craft, that’s it!

  • RoseArt Fingerpaints in Red and Blue*
  • Seven Bendable Straws
  • White Construction Paper
  • Paper Plate
  • Tape

* RoseArt Poster Paints work excellently for this craft as well! 

You will use the straws to create your ‘fireworks’. Start by taping all of the straws together, then expand and bend the straws in all different directions.

Next, place your paints on the paper plate. Be sure not to mix the colors!

From there, dip the straws into the blue paint then stamp all over your construction paper.

Next, dip the straws into the red paint and create your fireworks!

To add more spark, I sprinkled RoseArt Glitter onto the fireworks. I also added a little message to the bottom with my RoseArt Markers.

Super easy and festive! Happy 4th!