Thanksgiving is all about being with the people you love. Bring your family and friends together with this Handprint Centerpiece!

This is a simple activity using only a few items:

  • RoseArt Fingerpaints
  • Black RoseArt Broadline Marker
  • White Spray Paint
  • Pumpkin
  • Paper Plate

Start by spray painting your pumpkin white. The white pumpkin makes it more formal, but you can choose to keep your pumpkin orange if you’d like!

Now it’s time to place handprints of your family onto the pumpkin! Place your RoseArt Fingerpaints onto different paper plates then stamp the pumpkin with your handprint.

Start with the biggest handprint first, then smaller handprints from there. I used different colors of the RoseArt Fingerpaints for each handprint.

To finish, write something you are grateful for with your black RoseArt Broadline marker. Display as a centerpiece during Thanksgiving. Enjoy your turkey day!