One of my favorite memories from Easter is decorating Easter Eggs with my family. This year, instead of using dye to decorate Easter Eggs, I tried this new and unique way to decorate with RoseArt Crayons. They turned out great, and definitely different spin on a classic activity!

The only supplies you need for this craft are eggs and your RoseArt Crayons. How easy is that?


Start by boiling your eggs. Allow the pot to boil about 10 to 12 minutes.


Once the eggs are ready, take them out of the pot to cool for 1-2 minutes. Please be careful, they will be very hot!

Now, take your RoseArt crayons and start creating your fun designs! Since the egg will still be warm, the crayon wax will melt creating a fun design around the egg. Try different colors, shapes, designs…have fun with it!


If you are only able to do a few at a time, I recommend keeping the eggs in the hot water until you are ready to decorate them. This will help to keep the eggs warm so the crayons can melt properly!

Once your eggs are complete, you can enjoy them as a centerpiece or other fun decoration around the kitchen! Have a Happy Easter everyone!