Easter is fast approaching and there are many fun activities for the kids to enjoy!  Whether Easter egg hunting or eating around the table, these east to create Bunny Ears will add to the fun!

You only need a few items for this activity:

  • RoseArt Glue Stick or School Glue
  • RoseArt Glitter Glue or Glitter Fabric Paint optional
  • White Poster Board
  • Pink Construction Paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors

First step is to make the headband. Start by cutting a long strip of poster board about 2-3″ wide.

Next, cut two bunny ears out of the poster board. My bunny ears were approximately 10 inches long and 3-4 inches wide to fit with the headband, but you can make them as large as you wish!

Take your pink construction paper and cut two bunny ears, slightly smaller in size so that they will fit inside the white bunny ears.


Use your RoseArt Glue Stick or School Glue to glue the pink ears inside of the white.


Before fitting the headband, use your favorite RoseArt products to personalize your headband and bunny ears. I wanted to add some glitter, so I used the pink RoseArt Glitter Glue!


Once completed, wrap the headband around your head and glue where the ends overlap. Then, glue the ears to the back of the headband.

And here are your fun and festive Bunny Ears! Have a Happy Easter!