Celebrate Earth Day and learn more about the layers of our planet with this fun, educational and easy to create activity!

This activity will create a globe of the earth using your RoseArt Magic Fun Dough. All you need is dental floss and your Magic Fun Dough in Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Blue and Green.

Start by layering your Magic Fun Dough to represent the layers of the earth. Be sure to layer in the order listed below:

  • Inner core: Red
  • Outer core: Orange
  • Mantle: Yellow
  • Crust: Brown
  • Ocean: Blue
  • Land: Green

Start with a small round ball, then create layers one on top of each other.

When all the layers are complete, you now have your globe!

Now here is the fun part! Use your dental floss to cut through the middle of the ‘earth’ to show all the layers!

Not only is this a great way to use your Magic Fun Dough, but it is also a way to educate young ones about the earth! Enjoy, and Happy Earth Day!