Did you know that you could use your Graphic Skinz Design Studio on just about any blank canvas? Not only can you use the items found in the Graphic Skinz packaging, but you can also try customizing other items around the house!

I had two Color Blanks, a key chain, and a mirror compact that I wanted to customize. Just as I anticipated, it was so fun to customize and the finished product looked amazing! Let me show you just how easy it is!


I started by choosing my favorite Skinz design. I absolutely love mixing and matching the different Skinz designs and seeing how they turn out!

Starting with the key chain, I placed the chain face down on the Skinz and cut and wrapped the Skinz to cover it entirely.


Meanwhile, I filled a small bowl with water and soaked the yellow sponge from the Design Studio.

I placed the key chain in the damp sponge, covered it completely, and then placed it in the Vacuum Chamber.


This is my favorite part!

I then activated the chamber until the bag was suctioned tightly around the sponge, about 20 seconds.


After I opened the lid, my customized key chain was complete! I used the Sponge Detailer to smooth out the edges and remove the air bubbles.

I continued this process with the mirror compact and Color Blanks.

It was very exciting to see how each of them turned out!