Turn crumpled pieces of paper into colorful works of art with this watercolor painting project!

Here are the supplies needed for this craft:

  • RoseArt Watercolors
  • RoseArt Paint Brushes
  • White Watercolor Paper
  • Scissors

Start by cutting the paper so you have four small pieces of similar size.

One by one crumple the paper into a ball.

Take your RoseArt Watercolors and paint one color on the outside of the paper.

Unfold the paper then crumple it into another ball. Paint the outside of the paper with another color.

Continue this process until the paper is covered to your liking!

When you are done, unfold the paper and allow them to dry.

Now you have a colorful work of art! This can be another colorful addition to your fridge, or you can take it a step further and create homemade notecards!

To make the notecards, take a white piece of construction paper and fold in half. Flatten out the crumpled paper and glue to the panel. Write your special message on the front.

Enjoy sending the card to your special someone!