Here is a great DIY Ornament craft for the holidays! Also, it’s a great way to use up your RoseArt crayons when they become too small!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • RoseArt crayons
  • Hair dryer
  • Clear glass ornaments – I bought a pack of 8 glass ornaments at my favorite craft store!

Start by removing the top of the glass ornament. Take small bits of the crayons and drop them in. I chose to use no more than 3 colors, but experiment and see what looks the best!


Put the top back on the ornament and hold the top.  Get your hair dryer and apply HIGH heat on the crayons until they melt. The ornament will get hot, so please be careful! Be sure to spin the ornament so the melted crayons will spread around.

You can choose to cover the ornament completely, or leave some of the ornament transparent. Be creative and try several different ornaments!

Once the ornaments are done, you can place on your tree or provide as a gift!