Are you ready for the 4th? Get ready to celebrate with these festive Confetti Blasters! Follow these simple steps to bring this craft to life. Let’s get started!

Here are the materials you will need:

  • RoseArt Broadline Markers
  • Red, White and Blue Construction Paper
  • Red or Blue Balloons
  • Toilet Paper Tubes
  • Tape
  • Scissors

First, cut small squares of confetti from your construction paper.

Next, take a white piece of paper and decorate with your RoseArt Broadline Markers. Once your design is finished, use your RoseArt glue stick to glue onto the toilet paper tubes.

Cut a balloon in half and tie one of the ends. Wrap the untied side of the balloon around the end of the tube and secure with tape.

Now the fun part! Place the confetti into the tube. Point the tube outward, stretch the end of the balloon and let go!

We hope you enjoy this craft, have a happy and safe 4th!