Spring is approaching and it’s time to let the sun in with these beautiful sun catchers! Not only is this activity easy, but your kids will be amazed with the results!

You only need a few items for this craft:

  • RoseArt School Glue
  • RoseArt Poster Paints
  • Toothpicks
  • Hole Punch
  • String
  • Plastic Lids

Start by pouring RoseArt School Glue into the plastic lid. Make sure the glue has surrounded the entire area.

Next, have your child gently pour small drops of the RoseArt Poster Paint into the glue.

Use the toothpick to blend the colors together. Try not to blend too much! You do not want the colors to muddle together.

Once you are pleased with the colorful masterpiece you’ve created, let the glue dry entirely. While the glue dries the colors will settle and it will create a fun tie-dye effect! The glue may take up to 3 days to dry, so be patient! To speed up the gluing process, place the containers in a dry and sunny area if possible. This may help to speed things up a day or so!

When the glue has dried completely, gently peel from the lid. Punch a hole through the top and add a string to hang on your window to catch the sun!